Walk the Great WallThe long-awaited new book from the Great Wall Forum, Walk the Great Wall, is now available.

Walk the Great Wall is the most authoritative, most complete, and most detailed book available about walking the Great Wall of China. From a one-day stroll to a year-long thru-hike, this book has the information you need to make your goal a success.

The book is available from Amazon.com and can be read on Kindle devices. Amazon also offers free reading apps so you can read on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Great Wall map The Great Wall Forum is happy to announce the release of version 10 of our Detailed Map of the Beijing Area Great Wall. This map is packaged as a kmz file for use with Google Earth.

Please go to this page for more information about our Great Wall map.

This map contains many additions, corrections, and adjustments from the previous release.

Great Wall Guide

Great Wall Guide for Android is now available from the Great Wall Forum.

This app is easy to learn, fun to use, and it's free. It features detailed information and an interactive Great Wall map.

You can learn more about the Great Wall Guide here.

Please go to the Google Play Store to install the Great Wall Guide.