Reasons for hiking the Great Wall

Why walk?

Before we can ask the question of why to walk the Great Wall, we must first ask ourselves the more basic question of why go out of your way to walk at all. Walking for the sake of walking rather than for the purpose of getting from point A to point B might not seem logical, but in fact there are many benefits to walking, both mental and physical. Exercise and relaxation are two of the keystones to good health, and walking provides both. It's enjoyable and therapeutic. Once you get in the habit of walking, you learn to like it and depend on it, and it is very hard to get along without it. This is your mind and body telling you to continue.

Walking and hiking are very popular pastimes for many reasons. Today's society is heavily involved with indoor activities, electronic gadgets, and intellectual pursuits. People find relief and relaxation in getting away from all the trappings of modern life and pursuing simple outdoor activities. Walking and hiking are excellent ways to enjoy outdoor recreation. And you can walk at different paces, fast or slow, depending on your particular situation.

For many people, there's no need to ask the question of why to walk. For the rest of you, once you get into the habit of walking, you'll wonder why you waited so long.

Why walk the Great Wall?

The Great Wall of China might seem to be a strange place for a walk. But the more one considers the idea, the more compelling it becomes.

Many people walk every day, and of necessity they usually walk in the same area or set of areas close to where they live or work. On occasion they may find or create the opportunity to walk in a different area, and this is very rewarding. Usually people seek out places that are visually interesting, thus making walking a feast for the senses. For most people, more compelling walking locations require more planning and travel. But every now and then it's possible to organize a trip to a place that offers great walking and hiking – a national park, a famous location, a pristine forest, a secluded mountain. Walking in an unusual location is an adventure.

Walking and hiking can be a very special occasion when the location and environment are right. There are many possible attributes for potential places to walk that can make it more enjoyable. It can be an interesting place. It can be a place with beautiful scenery. It can be a challenging terrain or location. It can be a unique and special place. It can be significant in history or in the present. The Great Wall of China has all of these features and much more. All of these attributes make the Great Wall more interesting. What other place in the world can combine all of these elements?

The Great Wall is a fascinating and amazing place. Its structure and its history are complex and not fully understood. It's a very good idea to learn about the Great Wall before you visit. This will help you to enjoy and understand the Great Wall much better once you are there. As you read about the Great Wall, you will find many facts that you didn't know before. How could such a structure be completed with nothing but manual labor? As you look at photos, you will begin to wonder about what it's really like when you are there to see it person. How big is it really? How steep are the mountains? What's the environment like? The more you learn about the Great Wall, the more you will want to see it for yourself. And the experience of seeing it for yourself is sure not to disappoint. Nobody ever says the Great Wall was a letdown.

Walking the Great Wall is a challenge in many ways. Not only physically, but also mentally and logistically, a walk on the Great Wall is not something you can do without some planning and preparation. And the challenge is very attractive to many people.

The Great Wall is a fabulous place for photography. It doesn't matter if you're a professional photographer, an aspiring amateur, or you just want to take photos of your travels. You will end up taking some of the best photos of your life at the Great Wall. This is because location and subject are so important for good photography. The Great Wall combines an awesome, imposing structure with beautiful natural scenery, both of which vary greatly from place to place.

But why does a visit to the Great Wall need to involve walking? You could simply go to one spot and then leave. But the Great Wall stretches over the horizon as far as you can see and beckons you to follow like a yellow brick road on steroids. To the curious, it's irresistible. By far, the best way to take in the experience of the Great Wall is to walk along it.

So whether you are an avid walker looking for a great location or you are interested in the Great Wall and see walking as the best way to learn more about it, you'll find the combination of walking and experiencing the Great Wall hard to resist before you go and even better once you get there. See for yourself!