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City Weekend article on the future of the Wild Wall around Beijing

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  • City Weekend article on the future of the Wild Wall around Beijing

      Standing on a half-ruined tower, wind in your face, having climbed there yourself, and imagining yourself a Ming sentry on the lookout for Mongol raiders.
    If you're tired of the Great Wall, you're tired of life.
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    Very well-written article, as sad as it is . . .


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      F***K. This really does **** me off so much. How the heck can they do this? Restore bollocks????


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        Dear Bianfuxia,
        I share your sentiment and sadness completely. I remembered the super-difficult section of the northen Chicheng wall when we went through, but held it in awe and reverence of the ancient charm. When we subsequently traverse the Hefangkou, Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin sections, they were inded easy to walk but it was like walking on concrete slabs and both have lost their magic. I guess as these Beijing sections become more popular, more and more entreprsing indivuduals/groups would continue to "rebuilt" for more easy access and more money. I hope your article would make the authourities to take note and make serious attempts to preserve the beauty, the charisma, the allurement and the bewitchery of these untouched sections of the great walls.
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          The motivation for these renovations or reconstructions is simply corruption. These officials really are scumbags. The kind that would manipulate the Great Wall to pocket themselves. It is bad that corruption happens in many ways, but this is totally beyond words. If they really wanted to renovate, I would believe a better job would have been done. The lack of any real insight into planning or renovate to at least something similar shows they clearly just wanted money to do a cow job. How disgusting can these officials be, it is a disgrace to this country, to this culture. But these officials don't care, they only care about using renovation of the Great Wall as an excuse to get money for themselves. How low can these officials be? They have no respect or love for the Great Wall. Just use it to get money. This is now a 'new' way for corruption now. Like Batman, see it while you can.


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            Nice article, it may be done. The government of China should take care of these things. Many travellers come to China only for Great wall tour. Due to this wall many travel company earn too much money. I have no more idea about great wall. I visited few sections of great wall. I also took help of a tour guide of Trekclub . I heard that now some parts of great wall are repaired by China government.