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  • Greetings

    Hello guys.

    Just thought I'd say hello before I start annoying people with questions.
    With the amount of trouble I had to go through just to register for this site I hope its still active!
    Gotta say thank you to the site owner and long timers here.
    This is the only place on the net with what I need, a lot of digging but its all here.

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    Hello, Fada. Hopefully you can find what you need here, but if not, feel free to ask. Or if you want to share your plans with us, that would be good too. Sorry it was difficult to register, and if you think there's some kind of problem with that, please let us know and we will address it.


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      Thanks Bryan! I just think its due to the fact that i live in china. I had to use a vpn to get the registration working, I then had to use a disposable email address because I am not putting my actual information through a vpn. After having wrote that out, its not a very big deal.