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Huanghuacheng to Mutianyu in August

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  • Hike! Huanghuacheng to Mutianyu in August

    Dear all, we plan to hike Huanghuacheng to Mutianyu this summer taking 3-6 days. Obviously, it will be very warm. Any advice or new hurdles (dangerous parts, impossible to pass) that need to be considered?

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    It's a pretty challenging route, and you'll find lots of details on existing threads. Especially in the Jiankou area, you'll need to take some detours off the wall. Either look here or use search.


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      Thanks Brian, I have read most of the posts and got a lot of great ideas. From your answer I take that there are no new threads to be considered, right?
      Do you have any recommendations for where to stay in the farm houses and villages on the way?
      Any detours that cannot be recommended?


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        Hi Brian and all other members of the forum: We finished our tour from Huanhuacheng to Mutianyu in five days. Thanks to the forum, we were pretty well prepared and it was super exciting. Let me share some insights that might be of help for your future hikes:
        - It can be really dangerous, most often there are possible detours but even they are sometimes critical
        - We got to one point in the Jiankou area where we did not dare to proceed and had to go back to the valley - not sure if we just did not find the right detour
        - Never go on the wall when it is wet - it becomes really slippery
        - The left turn 6-7 hours after Huanghuacheng is very difficult to find. We missed it and ended up at the wrong valley (large cemetery)
        - We spent each night in a farm house in the valley - which is always possible
        I wish everybody who is hiking there in the future good luck - it will certainly be one of the most memorable moments in your life.