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The Brick Riddle

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  • The Brick Riddle

    For a long time I have been thinking about where in the West towers started to be a brick construction.
    From the western Shanxi border (the Yellow River) about all towers had been covered with bricks, many of them still show at least at the base remains of a brick coverage.
    In Shaanxi things become more difficult. All towers I have investigated myself do not have any sign of a former brick coverage. All I found, from about Jingbian eastward, bricks in the debris around towers. For a long time it was unclear to me wether these bricks were from a building on top of the tower, from a top brick layer or even from buildings which had been attached to the tower. The main problem is that the number of bricks around towers is by far not high enough to build a complete coverage.

    Recent observations OutOfNowhere and me made in the Jingbian area and much more important later observations by OON show the following picture:

    There are single beacon towers with still remnants of a clear brick coverage from about 37
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    Re: The Brick Riddle

    Interesting post!

    I have seen one section at Helanshan in Ningxia with remains of stone covering of the rammed earth wall.

    It must have been a threat that enemy would dig trough the wall, so you are right that it does not make much sense only to have brick covered towers.


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      Western Ningxia (Qingtongxia) section had brick covered towers.