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  • The Great Wall

    Not mentioned here before. I fear an extremely ugly movie.
    You find tons of information on the internet.
    Only as an example:

    "Legendary Pictures has revealed the full supporting cast for Zhang Yimou's upcoming fantasy epic "The Great Wall," the largest film ever shot completely in China.

    The film's confirmed leads are Matt Damon, Pedro Pascal and Willem Dafoe whilst Chinese stars for the film include Andy Lau ("Infernal Affairs"), Tian Jing ("New Police Story"), Hanyu Zhang ("Taking Tiger Mountain"), Eddie Peng ("Fleet of Time"), Lu Han ("Miss Granny"), Gengxin Lin ("Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon"), Zheng Kai ("Fleet of Time"), Chen Xuedong ("Tiny Times 3"), Xuan Huang ("The Golden Era"), pop star Wang Junkai in his film debut, and newcomers Yu Xintian and Liu Qiong.

    Set in the 15th Century, the story follows soldiers who go out in search of gunpowder and come across the construction of The Great Wall of China. They learn that the Chinese are not only building the Wall to keep out invading Mongolian forces."

    chinoook's 1st law: Structurally weak walls tend to have double structures.
    chinoook's 2nd law: Newer walls are built next older walls, not over them.
    chinoook's 3rd law: Similar problems lead to similar solutions.

    The most dangerous worldview is the worldview of people, who have not viewed the world. (Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859), German naturalist and explorer)

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    Re: The Great Wall

    I am prepared to forgive a little historical inaccuracy if there's ZOMBIES involved!

    (Remind me not to show you the movie Ben & I made on the wall last year...)!
    If you're tired of the Great Wall, you're tired of life.
    Journeys, &c


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      I've never seen this movie. Are you telling me there are zombies in it? How did I miss that…