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    Re: Great Wall history books

    Northern Frontiers of Qing China and Tokugawa Japan
    by Richard Louis Edmonds

    ISBN 0-89065-118-3
    Published 1985 by the Department of Geography, University of Chicago
    214 pages
    Many maps and other illustrations
    Full chapter (30 pages) on Willow Palisade


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      Re: Great Wall history books

      Since this book has absolutely no information on the cover only scan of the title.

      Peace, War and Trade along the Great Wall
      Sechin Jagchid and Van Jay Symons

      ISBN 0-253-33187-0
      Indiana University Press
      266 pages

      This is one of the better books. Though it uses Wade-Giles-Transcription, though Chinese characters are handwritten (!).
      Lots of compiled and scientifically analysed material, a good starting point for further research.

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        Re: Great Wall history books

        Originally posted by chinoook View Post
        Peace, War and Trade along the Great Wall
        Sechin Jagchid and Van Jay Symons
        Ordered this today. Thanks!

        Publisher's synopsis:

        In 1577, during a great court debate over the formulation of china's policy toward its nomadic neighbors, the Ming scholar-official Feng Feng-shih observed: "When there are markets and tribute, there is no war." For two millennia, tension between nomad and chinese [sic] along China's northern frontier threatened to erupt into war, and for two millennia, the essential element determining whether peace or war existed was trade. This fascinating book tells the story of the centuries-long confrontation along the Great Wall of China.


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          Re: Great Wall history books

          "The Problem of the Great Wall in China"

          Arthur Waldron

          Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, 1983

          Interesting journal article and precursor to his famous (and now very dated) book. What's interesting about this is that back then no-one, not even Chinese scholars, even had much of a basic clue about where the wall was. What they could have done with the information we've gathered on this forum!
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