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Haituoshan 海坨山 Hiking Plan?

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  • Hike! Haituoshan 海坨山 Hiking Plan?

    Hi, has anyone hiked Haituoshan 海坨山 in northwest Beijing? It is near Yanqing and the Songshan Nature Reserve. I am looking to hike it this weekend but have not yet been able to find any details on the hike, such as where to begin, where to park, details on the trail, etc. Any advice would be highly appreciated!


    This is all I have found so far:

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    Re: Haituoshan 海坨山 Hiking Plan?

    Not me but I understand most Chinese parties do it as a two day hike, camping somewhere up there.

    If you find out, please post the details!
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      Re: Haituoshan 海坨山 Hiking Plan?

      I don't mean to ruin your weekend plan, but here are the possible problems you'll encounter. This is based on the last time I was up there, in early 2015.

      1. It's still fire prevention season. You'll probably get stopped near the Songshan park gate, if you're going that way. Don't mention you're going hiking. You'll then need to avoid fire wardens at the main trailheads to the mountain.

      2. They may be doing construction work for the 2022 Olympics downhill course. From what I've heard part of the construction work includes a chairlift up to the top.

      I hope you do still try it, and it works out. If you can't get to Haituo perhaps you could hike out the back of Songshan Park? Please report back - I've been dissuaded from another hike up there, but it is a really good trail.