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  • Bí ẩn ở cửa ải "Great Wall"

    "Guan Yu"-massive fortress built from 99999 to + 1 brick
    Though the legend but true Zhiye De Xing Qipian too great. How can you calculate exactly so?!! Admire!!!
    Opposed to Shanhaiguan, Guan Yu is located at the pass of the great wall. If Shanhaiguan reclaimed building the Jiayuguan again built in the border region bordering the Gobi desert.
    This pass is located in the narrowest point in the western part of the Hexi corridor, southwest of the city of Guan Yu in Gansu. The work is located between two hills, one of two hills that are named after Guan Yu.
    Guan Yu was built in the early Ming dynasty, around the year 1372. The Fort here was very much due to consolidation prior fears an attack the Emperor's "Thiep Moc Nhi" (Timur Lenk), founder of the dynasty, Others in Central Asia, but the Emperor died of old age while leading an army towards the Chinese.
    Guan Yu has a trapezoidal structure, with a perimeter of 733 metres and covers an area of over 33,500 m ˛. The total length of the wall is 733 meters and the height of the wall is 11 metres.
    Gates has two ports: one in the East and one in the West. A Guan Yu in kanji inscription is written on a plaque at the door to the West. The South and North side of the pass to connect with the great wall.
    At each corner of the Gates will have a watchtower. Guan Yu consists of three defensive lines: the inner city, the foreign and the moat.
    Guan Yu is also known as "the He Ping" because despite consolidation extremely sturdy but luckily where war never happened.
    Due to be built on Gobi and desert is the westernmost territory of China when old should also work, this was a breach critical stops of the legendary silk road connecting China with Western countries and Central Asia.
    A famous legend was recounted in detail the plan to build gates. Accordingly, when Guan Yu was planned, the officials in charge have asked Qipian Xing De Zhiye-a distinguished mathematician responsible Intelligent forecast design mission pass, exact estimate the number of tiles needed.
    Qipian Xing De Zhiye given numbers is 99,999 bricks, however, officials suspect his estimates and asked that the number of such tiles is not enough.
    Excess bricks demonstrates the ability to calculate the "unbelievable" by Qipian Xing De Zhiye.
    Italian afternoon, Qipian Xing De Zhiye has added a brick. When Guan Yu finished, exactly a brick, bricks of this legacy are placed on a gate and still to this day.