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Detailed map of the Great Wall in the Beijing area version 8

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  • Maps: Detailed map of the Great Wall in the Beijing area version 8

    Important note: This thread has been replaced by Detailed map of the Beijing area Great Wall of China version 9.

    The Great Wall Forum is pleased to announce the release of version 8 of our detailed map of the Great Wall of China in the Beijing area. This map is packaged as a kmz file for use with Google Earth.

    You must comply with the license agreement to use the map. Basically, the agreement contains these rules:
    • The map is only for personal, non-commercial use.
    • You may not copy, redistribute, or modify the map.
    • You are strongly urged to help protect and preserve the Great Wall.
    The map is a community project. Users are encouraged to contribute additions, corrections, and suggestions.

    The map contains the following features:
    • 273 Great Wall paths totaling 583 kilometers (362 miles)
    • 67 Great Wall location markers
    • 1211 tower location markers
    • 32 driving routes totaling 2724 kilometers (1693 miles)
    • 97 hiking trails totaling 82 kilometers (51 miles)
    • 10 cable cars, toboggans, slides
    • 45 fortress locations and 38 fortress outlines
    • District, county, and municipality borders
    • Other items of interest
    All items are carefully organized in a hierarchy of folders.

    Please note that this map only covers the Beijing Municipality area. The map includes an installer that works only with Microsoft Windows. It is not available for other operating systems.

    The Beijing Great Wall map is a work in progress. This release is dated November 11, 2011. Please check back regularly for updates as we continually improve the map.

    We use PayPal for payment processing. You can pay securely and conveniently with PayPal using your credit card or bank account. The ten dollar fee helps to offset the costs of hosting and maintaining this forum.

    After successfully completing the PayPal transaction, you will be able to download the map. Important: Be sure to return directly to Great Wall Forum from PayPal so you can download and begin using the map immediately. Look for this button after you complete your payment:

    After you complete the download and run the setup program, you will find the Beijing Great Wall.kmz file in your documents folder.

    For those interested in a preview of what this map looks like, here's a screen shot of the map in the Jiankou and Mutianyu area.

    Red lines: Great Wall
    Blue lines: roads
    Yellow lines: trails
    Red pins: towers
    Yellow pins: locations
    Green lines: cable cars, toboggan