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Spartan Race, AGOGE 003 BEIJING, CHINA - at the GREAT WALL OF CHINA, October 2016

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  • Spartan Race, AGOGE 003 BEIJING, CHINA - at the GREAT WALL OF CHINA, October 2016

    Hey Fellow Members:

    According to recent updates on Spartan Race's website, they are hosting a Spartan " Agoge 003 Beijing, China -- The Great Wall of China " from October 13-16, 2016.

    Spartan Race Inc., Spartan Agoge 003 Beijing, China, To Be Featured at the Great Wall of China. website - Endurance Events > What Is Agoge?: website - Endurance Events > Who Is Behind Agoge?: website - Agoge 003 Beijing China, Event Details/Info: - Spartan Agoge 003, Beijing China Video Ad: - Spartan Agoge 003, Beijing China Teaser Video: - One Spartan Agoge Story, Sign Up for Agoge China FALL 2016:

    The Agoge 003 Beijing, China page asks for participants to stay and/or meet at the Regent Beijing hotel and then from there, they will be bused out to the event location, the Great Wall of China. Though it does not say which location or section. This would certainly be a awesome event for those of us in the USA to travel to such a beautiful country, historical landmarks & amazing scenery. I'm sure locals in & around Beijing will sign up, as registration is open to anyone in any country.

    Just though I'd share this. As far as I know, this could be the first type of endurance type event in & around Beijing. The Agoge series component is totally different from a typical Spartan Race (that has mud pits, climbing walls & other obstacles, etc.), Agoge is specifically a challenging team building exercise with tasks in which the participants come with a ruck (i.e. backpack) filled with the required gear from the specified gear list.

    I'm sure this is something new and glad Spartan has chosen such a wonderful place to honor such an event - The Great Wall of China.

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    Based on the photos from the website it looks like the race will take place at the Jinshanling (金山岭) section of the Great Wall.


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      Great Wall of China video

      The first video shows both Mutianyu and Jinshanling.


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        It definitely appears it will be an interesting experience for those who participate. The terrain could be a challenge, but we shall see. I'm sure they'll have more updates as the event gets closer.

        from the Spartan Endurance Facebook page....
        Video Link Below -- Q&A about China Agoge (gear list, passports/visas, weather, etc):


        • 1 Lightweight Backpack/Rucksack/Vest System – (approx 20-30L capacity)
        • Must be devoid of any military, or military looking morale patches.

        • 1 Headlamp – with 1 set of spare batteries
        • 1 Backup Flashlight – Can be a small handheld or head mounted
        • 1 Waterproof Bag – 35L minimum (used as pack liner)
        • Hydration Kit – capable of holding 2.5L (85 oz). Hard or soft bottles or a bladder, or combination
        • 1 Spoon / Spork
        • 100’ of 550 Paracord
        • 2 Chem-light / glow sticks
        • 1 Plastic Trowel – for toilet use
        • 1 Roll Toilet Paper
        • 1 Hand Sanitizer – 1oz / 30ml
        • 1 Navigation Compass
        • 1 Mobile Phone – in waterproof bag, fully charged. For emergency use only.
        • 1 Emergency Whistle
        • 1 Small Knife / Multitool
        • 1 FireSteel
        • 1 Each 50 Gallon Trash Bag
        • 1 Each 2 Gallon Bag

        • 1 Pair Shoes or Boots – Suitable for running on steep and technical terrain
        • 2 pairs socks – synthetic or wool
        • 1 Athletic Top – Wicking and quick dry
        • 1 Long Sleeve Warmth Layer – Fleece or down jacket
        • 1 Waterproof Jacket – shell layer for rain and wind
        • 2 Pairs Shorts / Pants / Tights – One pair must cover your legs fully
        • 1 Pair Gloves – for work and for warmth; tactile and tough
        • 1 Warm Hat or Beanie – synthetic or wool

        • 1 Sleeping Bag – minimum 32 degree F rating
        • 1 Emergency Bivvy Bag – A survival blanket is not acceptable
        • 1 Each Tarp – sized 8X8 minimum, recommend blue or green type

        FIRST AID
        • 1 Medical Kit – 10 alcohol wipes, 1 Compression Bandage, 1 roll of paper tape, 5 plasters, 5 safety pins
        • Pain Relief Medication – Tylenol / Paracetamol / Acetaminophen preferred over anti-inflammatories such as Ibuprofen / Neurone
        • Needs to be in unopened small dose packs.
        • All meds need to be accompanied by the prescription.
        • Keep a small list of any prescribed medications on you at all times.

        • 1 Electrolytes / Salt Tablets – minimum of 60 hours supply
        • Minimum of 6000 calories for the event. Food should be lightweight and suitable for endurance events / backcountry. Only cold water will be provided.

        No Caffeine Pills, Tablets, or similar.
        No added Caffeine. period.
        No Energy shots, gus, gels, jelly beans, etc.
        No protein powders.

        • Stove or Cooking Device – suitable for hiking / mountaineering etc
        • Sleeping Mat or Pad
        • Sleeping Bag Liner
        • Toothbrush
        • Eating Bowl / Cup
        • Buff or Headgear
        • Camera

        We will conduct a Show-Down inspection of all gear upon your arrival at the Spartan Agoge. You will be turned away from the event if you do not come adequately prepared. This is for your own safety. Don’t waste your time and money on flights if you’re going to show up unprepared.

        above is from:


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          Hi guys, I'm in charge of the course for this event. It's going to be absolutely unique and I believe an incredible experience, with a small number of people participating - Joe De Sena the Spartan Race founder will also be there. There's other surprises in store as well.

          This article has more info:

          Feel free to ping me if you have questions, but hurry since we're going to close registrations soon. Would love to have you along.