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"Southern Great Wall" at Zhenyuan, Guizhou Province

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  • Photos! "Southern Great Wall" at Zhenyuan, Guizhou Province

    First things first, the wall looks to me more like a city defensive wall than part of a long wall than straddles the Guizhou/Hunan Province. Tripadvisor describes it as the "Miao Border Great Wall of Zhenyuan" and Lonely Planet describes it as the "Miaojiang Great Wall"

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    I started from the Shiping Shan (石屏山) end of the wall as described in many guidebooks and websites, hiked along the wall until I reached the other end. The wall forms a semi-circle to the north of Zhenyuan town.

    In the Zhenyuan County Musuem, it is not described as a Great Wall but as a city defensive wall.


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      Here are some old photos and description of the wall from the museum :


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        This is the Shiping Shan (石屏山) end of the wall. For many it will be the starting point and an entrance ticket is required when the ticket office is open (CNY30). I got there to catch the sunrise so the ticket office was closed, but there is no barrier to stop people from getting onto the path.

        Very near the starting point


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          Just a few hundred metres further on the condition of the wall deteriorates

          After about one kilometre without any view, Zhenyuan town comes back into view, and you can see a new path on the right that will lead back to town

          Going straight will lead up this hill

          It's a much steeper climb than the rest of the previous section but a very short climb


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            At the top of the hill you are rewarded with a great view of the town

            The hill doesn't lead anywhere, the path circles back to the earlier junction so it's time to descend back to town.

            Further along the descent, more sections of the wall are visible


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              Soon the town comes into view and the way back is quite obvious, passing through houses built along the hillsides. This is where the path gets back onto the main road :

              Needless to say, if you start from here no tickets will be necessary at any time of the day :-)


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                The middle of the 3 peaks in view is where I was earlier (and the sun has made an appearance too)

                To the right of the picture is the pavilion at Shiping Shan (石屏山) which is visible from an earlier photo of the beginning of the hike