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Dashuigou (大水沟)

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  • Photos! Dashuigou (大水沟)

    One of many short stretches of wall within Helanshan. Hidden inside the gully it is not possible to see from the outside but Google Earth is a great help to find places like this.

    The sign call this West Great Wall (西长城), not suprising since this is the western side of Ningxia.

    It's a short wall - only about 300 meter - but with four towers.

    A very beautiful location.


    The wall is well preserved with even the parapets preserved.

    There might have been some kind of river gate between the first tower and the south side if the gully.

    The structure of the wall is very clear and well preserved.

    It is not very clear when looking at Google Earth but there are two clear signal towers further inside the gully (the second one on the ridge in the background).

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    Re: Dashuigou (大水沟)

    I think you mean West Great Wall, hehehe. 西长城

    Great shots, certainly looks like a very interesting place and well worth a visit
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      Re: Dashuigou (大水沟)

      Originally posted by PWCCA View Post
      I think you mean West Great Wall, hehehe. 西长城
      Yes, it is West Great Wall


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        Re: Dashuigou (大水沟)

        Thanks , i found this section of west great wall with your help of great pictures .
        It looks great from GE as well!


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          Re: Dashuigou (大水沟)

          It seems the well made of soil.
          endure years of raining and blowing
          And it still exists.

          The scene is so light, you should wear sunglass
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