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    Re: Jiumenkou photos

    On September 26 me and my little group of three people on our cycling trip from Beijing to Shanhaiguan slipped through a little hole in the Wall called 京东首关/京東首關 just a few meter north of the nine arches of Jiumenkou. The village we passed through before and the road we travelled on can be seen very clearly on Google Maps/Earth.

    Here are some pictures of 京东首关/京東首關:

    The pictures are all geotagged. We did not stop to visit Jiumankou because we had seen the Wall at Huanghuacheng and Jinshanling already and wanted to continue our journey to Shanhaiguan that day.

    At 40.119925,119.7351 there is a beacon tower with a nice and rather Chinese looking pine tree on top:

    And at 40.117883,119.745397 I took this picture of an arc:

    Any idea what this is meant to be for?
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