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Jiankou weather in april, and overnight camping conditions

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  • Jiankou weather in april, and overnight camping conditions


    I'm planning a 1-2 day hike in Jiankou area sometime middle of April. Possibly with an overnight stay on the wall.

    I'll definitely check the forecast closer to the hike, and as always in the mountains be prepared for a quick weather change regardless. My camping setup will be quite basic and lightweight - a mattress and a quilt, plus regular clothes. No tent. No fire. So, I'd appreciate some local knowledge beforehand to know what to pack.

    Looking at historical weather and forecasts for Beijing/Xizhazi I'd expect low probability of rain. Temperature on the wall around +15C during the day and possibly down to 0C at night, or something in between. The higher the colder, obviously.

    So my questions:
    1. Does my weather estimation above sound about right?
    2. Are there any severe weather conditions that need consideration? High winds? Any remaining snow after winter?
    3. Judging from the photos, the towers generally and Zhengbeilou in particular should provide adequate protection from elements if needed. Is that correct?

    Thanks in advance for any tips!


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    1. Yes but it could be below zero overnight
    2. Can be pretty windy. April is sandstorm season.
    3. Yes except they tend to be full of human waste sadly or at least smell of pee. This might be a bit better since the major restorations along there. You might enjoy yourself more if you bivvy outside a tower. The other thing about sleeping in towers is that the air can be very dry, and it's easy to kick up dust. Both can be unpleasant. Never build a fire in a tower.
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      Thanks for your input!
      *went to look for info on sandstorms*