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Discovery TV series filming in Beijing, Jiankou, Suizhong, and Banchangyu

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  • Discovery TV series filming in Beijing, Jiankou, Suizhong, and Banchangyu

    I'm heading to China late in the summer (possibly early Sept) to make a TV show about the building of the Great Wall.
    The new Discovery TV series is called If We Built It Today. As the name denotes - its basically a glorified engineering thought experiment about what it might look like if attempted to build the greatest wonders of the world - today. We look at the materials and methods used, the costs of labour, and other challenges faced by the ancient architects.

    I am looking for someone who can help me put me in contact with an English speaking architect, engineer, or historian/wall enthusiast in the Beijing area who might be interested in appearing on camera at a restoration site to speak with us about some of the challenges faced and original methods used in building the Ming Wall.

    If you are personally interested/available, or you can point me in the direction of someone who might be, that would be so appreciated.

    Bob Daly

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    Hi Bob, I appeared in a 2016 Discovery documentary. I have PM'd you.
    If you're tired of the Great Wall, you're tired of life.
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      I will put you in touch with someone who has appeared on National geographic channel on numerous occasions; who has walked the entire Ming GW in the Beijing area; who has studied Chinese and read every single Chinese Ming dynasty text related to the Ming GW.