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Zhuangdaokou to Erdaoguan

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  • Photos! Zhuangdaokou to Erdaoguan

    In the middle between Huanghuacheng and Xishuiyu, looking east towards Zhuangdaokou ▽

    Before reaching Xishuiyu, follow the wall north ▽

    View towards Xishuiyu ▽

    Continuing north towards the top tower, passing the walled village Yaoziyu ▽

    Reaching a "round tower" north of Yaoziyu ▽

    Looking back (south). The "round tower" seems to be used as (modern) water container ▽

    Coming closer to the top tower ▽

    Looking west from the top tower. Behind the natural barrier, the wall continues ▽

    Continue east and looking back (west) to the top tower ▽

    East towards Erdaoguan. In the far background is Huanghuacheng ▽

    Continuing on the eastern side of Erdaoguan to reach the tower ▽

    View of Huanghuacheng from the north. Unfortunately, the wind, which was responsible for the blue sky in the morning, turned into a sandstorm during the day ▽