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Simulating the walk on a treadmill

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  • Simulating the walk on a treadmill

    Hi there, I have an unsatisfied urge to set up a programme on my treadmill to replicate the great wall walk. A few days of searching has come up empty with the info for incline and distance. This is also the first time I am attempting a non-onboard programme for the treadmill.

    Insprired by the walk Olivia Newton-John is about to do, see if anyone has thoughts or links that may help that would be greatly appreciated, even if I end up manually changing incline I won't mind.

    ALl the best

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    Simulating the Great Wall on a treadmill

    Hello and thank you for your interesting post.

    If you would like to simulate the actual inclines of a specific route, you can use altitude and distance data from Google Earth. If you just want to simulate what it's like to climb on the Great Wall in the mountains, you will need to use a variety of uphill and downhill slopes varying from level ground to steep angles. In the desert, the terrain is relatively flat. In the mountains, it is far from it. There are places where the angle approaches vertical


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