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4-8 Weeks summer thru-hike on the Great Wall?

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  • 4-8 Weeks summer thru-hike on the Great Wall?

    Hi, I'm based in Hong Kong and have been looking for a 4-8 week thru hike I can do in Asia this summer, starting possibly late May/June. The "ideal" things I'm looking for are:
    - Way-marked trail or relatively easy to follow (not too adventurous or difficult to find the route)
    - Access to the trail via train, would like to minimize my flying
    - Regular resupply points, no great difficulties with water and food
    - Safe for a solo traveler, generally no major concerns with animals/disease

    While I have a good amount of experience with lodge trekking (in Asia) and some with backpacking, this will be a bit of a new experience for me on my own so I would consider myself a beginner. I speak minimal Mandarin (basic reading level), but have spent time in China and can continue learning beforehand -- I'm very interested in improving my Mandarin skills.

    I understand the Great Wall would be more on the challenging side, but could anyone recommend a section that sounds like it could be what I'm looking for? What about the weather in June possibly beginning of July -- will it simply be too hot and stormy? I'm somewhat "used to" hiking in hot weather in Hong Kong.

    If anyone can recommend an alternative thru-hike in Asia or accessible by train, please do let me know!

    Thank you!

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    The Great Wall doesn't really meet your criteria, especially not the first three, at least in terms of a 4-8 week hike. In short stretches here or there it does, but not as a long hike.
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