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  • Hike! Hiking Partner June-August 2017

    I will start June 6.2017, three-month trip in China, view, cities and hiking mountains and rural landscapes.

    Plan to do few days up to few weeks hiking trip Great Wall, so if you have any plans June to August and looking for hiking partner then contact me.

    Gubeikou, Jinshanling, Jiankou looks interesting, but I still looking more information how to find Fantastic places to go and I’m ready for any off-track adventures if someone need a fun traveling partner.

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    Aside from the locations with Great Wall, I would suggest you consider visiting any (or all!) of the greater Tibet regions of northern Yunnan, western Sichuan, Qinghai and southern Gansu. You can start in Kunming in Yunnan and take the usual route via Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La. There are some fantastic hikes in Yunnan such as the Tiger Leaping Gorge and the Yubeng trail to the foot of Mount Kawa Karpo.

    Then from Shangri-La to Litang via Daocheng or Xiangcheng in western Sichuan will be a real off-track adventure and from western Sichuan you can continue northwards through Aba to reach Xiahe in southern Gansu. From there you can either hop across the mountains to Tongren in Qinghai province or continue north to Lanzhou then proceed through the Hexi Corridor where you will find miles and miles of the Great Wall.


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      Massive idea for hiking, but look super fun. Maybe take too much time to make a plan and do that all....need to look more those places...
      I try do hiking and same time see some tourist places, like Guilin that look awesome.
      I found nice free guide to do self Jiankou Hiking:


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        Be careful if you head to Jiankou :-)


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          You are right, even though I have a climbing / trekking experience, still some places, it is not wise to go alone. Might be better to stay safe that can continue adventure in road than hospital :-)

          Start to think that better visit 2 days Huanghuacheng lakeside Great Wall, which reminds me of my home country of lakes and forest. Nice to see the wall of the natural landscape, than the city where it seems to be like a plastic junk in tourist shop, of course this are tourist place too, but landscape make different. Another destination can be Jinshanling that are quite safe and landscape looks fantastic. Then is time to run out of Beijing (don't like so much big city's) to go see some mountains, like Huangshan.


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            I have read this fantastic forum of this “Great Wall of China” and another sites. Seems to be that these walls near Beijing are many places totally re-built and can’t really feel history of the place, also there are too many tourists especially in the summer time.

            If I would want to see these “Tourist Walls” and get change to see more Walls than tourist, then better to go far to see Jinshanling and/or Huangya Pass.

            1 day hiking Gubeikou Village, Gubeikou Wall area to Jinshanling should able to do in one day and get to see little bit real wall. Only have to find a bus to Gubeikou Village and around that Military Zone to get Jinshanling.

            Also nice to go and see Huanghuacheng, because it is the only lakeside Great Wall in Beijing and should able to hike from there to see little bit Jiankou, then get nice 1 day hike.

            Maybe this is enough Walls for the first visit to China, even I planned to stay Beijing for more than a week (15.-27.6), but if I cannot find another interesting place where I could quite safely hiking alone then better continue my adventure somewhere else in China.

            But still I have a time to find another adventure’s…


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              I recommend you download this forum's map and study it a bit.
              You can't hike from Huanghuacheng to Jiankou in less than four days. You can drive between the two in an hour.

              If you want to have a good day on the Great Wall and generally avoid tourists then just go to Jiankou. It's close to Beijing, it's spectacular, there aren't too many people and it's not restored. Take the bus from Dongzhimen to Huairou, get a minivan from there to Xizhazi. The going rate is for a car is about 150.

              "Lakeside great wall" is a bit of a misnomer because those lakes are all manmade and weren't there in the Ming Dynasty (as far as I know). Apart from the two lakes either end of Huanghuacheng there is also one at Qinglongxia.

              Last, as you will see from our map, the great majority of wall around Beijing is unrestored.
              If you're tired of the Great Wall, you're tired of life.
              Journeys, &c


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                Downloaded, thanks a million, time to do better plan... "Man made" lakes...most likely, like so many things are not real in China, all made for tourist :-)