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  • Extended hike route help


    I'm looking for a good start point for a multi day trip on the wall.
    A couple of years ago I spent 3 days camping and hiking the wall in -15 winter weather in Beijing.
    I started in mutianyu and worked my way over to the unrestored part and kept on walking.
    Best camping trip ever. I'm looking to replicate this but without going to BJ.
    A roughly semi-unbroken stretch of 50+km would be ideal.
    Gotta have watchtowers too, otherwise i will freeze to death at night.
    I dont want to bring a tent as I think it could damage the wall and its surrounds. I will have a sleeping bag and winter clothes so it will be warm enough.
    Is it at all possible?

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    Once you get the app, Great Wall Guide, you will be able to browse locations and select one you like from the many choices.
    Also, on this forum, you can look at locations here. There are so many to choose from.
    50 km is a section hike, not a thru-hike, and I am moving your thread accordingly.


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      Thank you Bryan. Looking forward to perusing the app once I get it.👍