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3 days of trek in total autonomy

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  • Hike! 3 days of trek in total autonomy

    Hello everyone, and thank you very much for this precious forum which is a veritable mine of information concerning the great wall!

    My wife and I arrive in Beijing after tomorrow. We would like to make a trek in total autonomy on the wall. We have sleeping bags for temperatures up to minus 10 degrees, and all the equipment to camp in autonomy.
    We are open to all proposals, not too far from Beijing (no more than 100 kilometers if possible).
    We would like to walk quietly for 3 days and join a city or a village allowing us to go back by hitchhiking (we travel only by hitchhiking).
    And if it's possible, to see old wall.

    Thank you very much, if you could give us a name of town / village or start the trek, and what city / village to join, it would be on top! We like wild places, with beautiful views (like everyone, I guess!)

    Thanks a lot for your help !


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    It's actually not an easy question. Pretty much anywhere in Beijing Municipality or east of that is going to be very difficult to find a three-day hike that doesn't involve some climbing. Further west (more than 100 km) the terrain gets flatter and you could walk quietly for three days but the remoteness presents other challenges. Like finding a ride without speaking Chinese could be next to impossible.

    Please read Recommended locations and then let us know your thoughts and we can discuss more.