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One Week Itinerary : end March - early April 2018

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    Originally posted by estheres View Post
    oh and I am not sure if all Sanfo shops sell gaz but I found a Sanfo shop at the entrance of the fragant hills parc. I think the east entrance, the entrance you get to if you take the western subway line to the last stop and then walk to the entrance. The sanfo shop is just before the entrance on the left site (next to the ticket selling windows). A small shop (although possibly bigger then the one on the photo in huairou town) and i did not ask for gaz so i really do not know if they sell it, so I do not know if that is of any help but I thought I mention it anyway..

    Oh but I just noticed you might already be back?
    Thanks !

    Sanfo : Yes they do sell gas - but it isn't on display, you have to ask for it. Note they do not sell any dehydrated meals - I was shocked as I had not brought enough (so it was lucky I ended up staying in guesthouses/farms for 2 nights !! I couldn't take the chance of getting out there and then not being able to find/buy gas so I bought it at a Sanfo store a couple of kms from the Beijing South Train Station.

    Note that my two 80kw battery rechargers were only a minor issue at Hong Qiao airport in Shanghai (but they still let me through with them) but they were confiscated on the return leg at the Tianjin airport (I'm sure BJ would be the same). They stated 20Kw per unit is the maximum.


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      All shots below were taken at Jiankou, and absolutely awesome section (but can be very dangerous, so be aware and don't take any chances).

      My bed, and cooking dinner, at the top of the Beijing Knot.


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        Really beautiful photos. And I love the night photo of your bivy.