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2 Hikes in one week

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  • 2 Hikes in one week

    Hello wall fans,

    i will be in China from 3rd to 17th September, visiting a friend who lives in Shanghai. We also want to do hikes on the wall North of Beijing. Im studying the wall for some years now and decided for 2 sections. Im a experienced mountain hiker and we both are physically very fit and did similar Things in the past so i think we can do it.

    1 section: Going with a bus to Mutanyu, entering the wall there on the touristic section and walk over the Oxhorn Tower to the wild wall. Going over Jinkaou (2 days, walking really slow and safe and enjyoing the great views on extended breaks). Then either going down to the small village of "Xizhasi" which is north of the wall, or the further away "Lianyunling" which is south of the wall and maybe better for the transportation back. Time for section 2-3 days.

    2 section: From Gubeikou to Simatai. From there back to Beijing. This one is very well know. Time around 3 days.

    I have some questions and i would appreciate any help here:

    - I still wonder how to get back from Jinkaou (the 2 villages mentioned) to Beijing OR directly from there to Gubeikou area.I guess we need the help of a private driver, does anyone has a good contact and phone number? He should be english speaking of course. Thanks a lot for any contact. If i need to find one by myself, what would be a fair Price, driving us from Jinkaou to Gubeikou? From Simatai, the end point of the hike we want to catch a public bus.

    - im still not sure where the miltary area between Gubeikou and Jingshanling is exactly located. If we arrive there, is the walk around clearly marked and we will spot it or do i have to know exactly beforehand where to go and what to do

    - Do you guys think someone (guards) will stop us at the end of the restored walls we have to go through before we enter the wild wall as we will be carrying bagpacks and stuff.

    - Any more thoughts about the idea?

    Thanks guys! Looking forward to post a report when back.

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    Your section one trail works well. Doubtful that anyone would stop you exiting to the unrepaired parts. Public transport is probably equally inconvenient from Xizhazi or Lianyunling - there are buses, but not frequently. In Xizhazi there are maybe guesthouses where someone speaks a little English, and they could maybe help you arrange a ride to the nearest station where you could get a bus to Beijing.

    Section two isn't going to work so well because the Jinshanling Great Wall is closed. I haven't seen any recent reports from people getting in there, and the same goes for getting into Simatai from the Jinshanling side.


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      Hey MrHHH wow ok this are vaulable new with the closed Jinshanling section. Thanks alot! I will do further research, or just choose another part of the wall. Thanks again


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        Hi Guys, back from the wall. Well it was only one hike as Jingshanling was closed so the way would have been blocked from Gubeiko to Simatai. Next year . Jiankou was fantastic. We walked from Zhengbeilou Tower to Beijingji, climbed down (super scary) and walked back to the starting village to call our Driver. 2 days of Walking, one night. Ist very doable, especially that the skystairs and eagly upwards Tower are fully restored now. Hope you enjoy my Pictures. If you go there i would like to just ask for one Thing: dont liter or damage the place and dont lite fires. Its just too beautiful there, especially that most of us are foreigners in China we have to behave double as nice


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          very sorry guys,somehow the upload of Pictures are not working


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            the site always says your "Picture of xxx Bytes exceeds the Limit of 1". But i reduced the size already to 80kb per Picture. If maybe a Senior member can give me some help how to post some Pictures, that would be great. thx


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              Please upload your photos to Flickr or a similar photo hosting site. Alternatively you can email them to me and I will upload them to this server for you. Then you can link to your photos in your posts.

              Glad to hear you had success at Jiankou.