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    Hi everyone,

    I'm planning a trip to China for this fall (August/Sept) and the Great Wall is an absolute must see. There will be two of us on the trip, and we are not really interested in any of the tours or visiting the super touristy/rebuilt sections of the wall. What we would love to do is do a decent hike, see parts of the wall that hardly anyone visits, camp out in a guard tower overnight, and finish the next day in the next village/town.

    A popular route I've seen is to/from Jiankou and Mutianyu. Part of my concern with this is that I see there are tours that do this overnight/camping route. I'm not sure what the reality is, but it sounds like it could still be likely to see a couple packs of 10-20 people doing the exact same thing, potentially even in the next/same tower and so on. I have also see a post on here referencing that a lot of guard towers have become dumping grounds (literally in lots of cases) due to increased traffic and these types of tours.

    Ultimately we want to go to Xi'An and Beijing so if the section we visit fits in nicely with this that would be awesome. By nicely I mean traveling in either direction we can go to the ingress pt, hike the wall, and then continue moving forward to the next destination without backtracking.

    If any of the experts on here could advise what section(s) of the wall may be good for this type of trek that would be great. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Advice for Overnight Trek

    There have been several posts on this very question recently, with plenty of advice given. Have a look around, including this one just a couple of posts below yours in the hiking forum.
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