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  • Hike! Gubeikou to Simatai

    Hello everyone!

    First of all, thanks for the tons of useful information on this forum

    I'm planning on doing a hike from Gubeikou to Simatai around the end of May 2014 with an overnight stay on the great wall. I'd like to know if it's currently possible to do this (from Gubeikou to the Simatai reservoir), or it is still closed (I heard the Simatai section would reopen in May, but as the reopening date seems to be continuously postponed ...)

    Thanks a lot

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    Re: Gubeikou to Simatai

    I hiked from the Simatai reservoir to Gubeikou last week. It takes just over half a day. No need to stay overnight, unless you specifically want to camp on the wall.
    The Simatai section was still sealed off, the tower at the border to Jinshanling locked. If there are no guards, just go back a few meters and circumvent. If there are guards, head back to the Jinshanling East gate and from there make your way to Simatai by some form of transport. It should also be possible to hike, the distance is not far. You won't miss a lot if taking that route, the Simatai West section (from the locked tower down to the reservoir) is maybe a 30 min hike and nothing special. Note that the guards at Simatai are up an running (after you) quite early, way before 6 am.


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      Re: Gubeikou to Simatai

      Thank you Robtrek for the info.
      I wanted to camp on the wall because i thought that the journey between beijing-gubeikou-simatai would be too long to be able to take the bus 980 in miyun to return to beijing. But as simatai is still closed, I might just do gubeikou-jinshanling and then backtrack when the path will be blocked.
      By the way, it's written in my Lonely planet guidebook that the last 980 bus departs from Miyun at 7pm, is that still right?