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wild wall alternatives form chengde

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  • wild wall alternatives form chengde

    Dear Forum,

    I will be visiting Bejing for the first time in October. I would very much appreciate some of your expert advice. I would like to hike a section of the “wild wall” and preferably also see more of a restored section. I am quite fit (~20km is OK) and would like to hike all day.

    I am thinking of :

    Gubeikou to Simitai west through Jinshanling.

    Gubeikou to Wohushan and then perhaps further.

    Which would be best for a long day walk?

    Would it be feasible to start from Chengde early in the Morning, or carry on to Chengde in the evening using public from either of these alternatives? In which direction would be best?

    Also as an alternative I am considering Jiankou & Mutianyu, if that route is considerably more attractive.

    The forum is a fabulous resource and I hope I am not repeating questions asked already


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    I think from Gubeikou hiking towards the east (towards Jinshanling and Simatai) provides a better opportunity for a long hike. Once you reach the top of Wohushan, which doesn't take that long from Gubeikou, it's not easy to go further and you'll have to retrace your route. Just be sure you are prepared to navigate the military area bypass.

    Starting at Chengde or going there afterward would be okay either way.

    Mutianyu is not as convenient to Chengde.


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      Thanks Bryan!

      Do you have an estimate on how long such an hike will take (Gubeikou to Simatai West) for a fit hiker.

      And finally from Simatai West (Jinshanling east gate I suppose) what is the best way by public transport to Beijing?

      Thanks for all your help!


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        I guess four to six hours for that hike. It can vary a lot.

        You can take a taxi to Miyun city and a bus from there to Dongzhimen station in Beijing.


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          Could anyone help on suggesting how to get from Chengde to Gubeikou in the late afternoon? After lots of searching I'm stuck!

          If this is not possible with the new road would it be easier to go from the East gate at Jinshanling to Chengde - perhaps just walking to the highway?

          Also, is there a ticket boot on the wall as you enter from Gubeikou into Jinshanling?

          Sorry for these naive questions - my GPS and walking boots are ready just need to get there!