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Jiankou to Mutianyu Trip Report

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  • Jiankou to Mutianyu Trip Report

    A couple days ago I hiked from Jiankou to Mutianyu.

    I started in the village of Pearl Spring, and I hiked up to the mid-point of Jiankou, from there heading eastwards towards Mutianyu. The hike up to the wall was steep, but as expected.

    The section of wall between the low point of Jianjou and Zhengbeilou tower is very deteriorated. If you read various accounts of it, you will read stories of completely collapsed sections of wall. That is all true. However, I can attest that if you have even the most basic rock climbing experience, this section of wall is still very easy - I'd rate it as class 4 terrain. Where the wall is collapsed, it's collapsed down to very solid bedrock - which provides excellent and generous hand and foot holds - things so big you can get the entire palm of your hand around them. So with any rock climbing experience, this portion of the wall will be very easy for you.

    There are also bypass trails on a lot, if not all, of the collapsed sections. So if you're not comfortable climbing, you can go via the bypass.

    In terms of direction of travel, I'd recommend west to east. The reason for this is you're going to be climbing up in the hardest sections, and upclimbing is a lot easier than downclimbing. Granted, the downclimb is totally possible, but would just be a bit more challenging. If you're not completely comfortable downclimbing you may want to consider bringing a rope to use as a simple hand line.

    From Zhengbeilou on to Mutianyu the wall is in pretty good condition and it's just a walk, no climbing required.

    Have fun!

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    Video and photo from Taras:

    Great Wall of China video



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      Wow amazing picture and video. How did you travel to the beginning? Public transport? Private car?


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        amazing! I am thinking to walk from Mutiany to Jiankou
        how many hours did it take to you?