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Suggestions for daytrips from Shanhaiguan and places nearby

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  • Suggestions for daytrips from Shanhaiguan and places nearby

    Hi, in May 2018 I will go to Beijing to explore some parts of the wall. I have 2 weeks and could spend as much of this time for the wall as I like. After arrival in Beijing I immediatly will take the train to Shanhaiguan. I probably will base myself there for 3 or 4 nights.
    At Google earth these areas look quite promising to me:
    1. Jaioshan Great wall
    2. Sandaoguan Great wall
    3. Jiumenkou Great wall
    4. Dongjiakou Great wall
    5. Xiaohekou Grat wall
    6. Damaoshan Great wall
    7. Banchangyu Great wall

    I think Nr. 1 to 3 could be done as daytrips from Shanhaiguan.
    If possible, I also would like to do a one-day hike from Jiumenkou to Dongjiakou (and probably later fetch my big lugguage).
    But to visit 4 till 6 I think, I should base myself at a different place than Shanghaiguan, right?
    But it seems, that there are only small villages. Do you know, if in these villages there are Nongjiayuans, which take western foreigners?
    For Banchangyu I probably have to base myself in Banchangyucun.
    Can you give some advice, at which villages it should be possible to get a room?

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    I think you can hike from Shanhaiguan all the way to Jiaoshan. Jiumenkou or Banchangyu area could be an interesting hike too.


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      It's easy to walk from Laolongtou to Jiaoshan, but beyond there to Sandaoguan it is quite dangerous. But it and Jiumenkou are easy trips from Shanhaiguan.

      You could commute further but it would be easier to stay local as you progress to the west. Small guest houses should not be hard to find along the way.

      I don't think you can make it from Jiumenkou to Dongjiakou in one day. That's a long and demanding trek. Dongjiakou to Banchangyu would be nice.