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Default Re: Hi from newbie

Hi guys, thanks for the replies!

I hope to come back another time and hike some of the better hiking bits then, chinoook, for sure. I would like to do a couple of multi day hikes and camp beside the wall, then. Part of the attraction of doing a little from Laolongtou this time is to see 'both ends' (not that there was a single wall with a beginning and an end, of course). It looks not exactly scenic, true, but with interesting contrast betwen the restored and abandoned bits and how they relate to the city. As a walk rather than a hike (if you see what I mean ) it seems worthwhile.

TheBW - thanks, I wish I could! I can't get away from work that early though Hope you have a great time - I'd love to hear how it goes. Are you doing that walk on your own, or going with someone?

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