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Default Re: "Trajan's Wall" (upper)

Originally Posted by Lodewijk View Post
After visiting Romania in november 2010 my interest grew for the walls of the Roman Emperor Trajan in Moldova and Ukrain. I found both in a brand new Dutch Atlas after I got home again.

The Northern Trajan Wall turnes out to be located much more South as the temporary kmz. in the file above indicates. But still all of it is on Moldovan territory. In fact it is very close to the southern Moldovan-Ukrain border.
A mark-name on GE, in the town called Causeni, tells us: 'Valul Lui Traian'
In the West the wall starts at the Moldovan village of Leova (at the Prut-river) and in the East it ends in the town of Chircaesti, close to an old, dry riverbed, once be´ng the course of the Dniestr river, so probably once the end of the wall here.
It looks quite convincing. Nice to see that at least one is interested in walls outside China and working on them!

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